My Brother's Ghost

Allan Ahlberg

About the book

Frances Foggarty, now in her fifties, remembers her childhood.. When she was nine her ten-year-old brother, Tom, was hit by a milk-float and killed. He returns after the funeral and Frances's story is of her new relationship with Tom, the ghost and 'guardian angel'. Frances wears a caliper as a result of polio and she and her young brother live with a rather tyrannical aunt. In this touching tale of loss, hardship and endurance Frances comes to terms with Tom's death and moves on in her life.

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Paperback / softback

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frances, brother, tom, ghost, foggarty, fifties, remembers, childhood, ten-year-old, hit, milk-float, killed, returns, funeral, story, relationship, guardian, angel, wears, caliper, result, polio, young, live, tyrannical, aunt, touching, tale, loss, hardship, endurance, terms, death, moves, life

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