Mummy Fairy and Me: Unicorn Wishes

Sophie Kinsella Marta Kissi

About the book

The third magical book in this wonderful series for 5-7 year olds, from global bestselling author Sophie Kinsella.

My mummy looks normal, like any other mummy . . . but she's not. Because she can turn into a fairy. All she has to do is stamp her feet three times, clap her hands, wiggle her bottom and say 'Marshmallow' . . . and POOF! She's Mummy Fairy.

Ella's family has a big secret - her mummy is a fairy! But sometimes Mummy Fairy's magic goes wrong, and it's up to Ella to help...

In this third book of adventures about Mummy Fairy and Ella, you'll find:

Flying cars
Enchanted ballet shoes
A unicorn in the kitchen
And Ella's very own magical wardrobe!

The perfect book to read with your little one!

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Mummy Fairy and Me: Unicorn Wishes - Jacket

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Paperback / softback

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