Mouse Attack

Manjula Padma

About the book

Arvee, a distinguished and intellectual mouse, hates having to leave his laboratory home and become a family pet. To his surprise, life in his exquisite new house, Paradise Villa, is delightful, but it is dull. Then Arvee meets Stringer and his family of brown mice, and learns an awful truth. Paradise Villa has been taken over by Pasha, the devilish Ratlord, and his hench-rats, who will stop at nothing to enslave every mouse in the house. Using all his genius and courage, Arvee sets out to liberate the mousy masses once and for all!

'This James Bond meets Indiana Jones miniature hero leads us on a high-octane adventure in this funny, convincing mouse-world'

South Yorkshire Times

'Padma creates a convincing world . . . after the tightly plotted victory over the rats the scene is set for a sequel; many readers would snap it up'

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Publication Date
06 August 2004

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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