Mission Survival 7: Rage of the Rhino

Bear Grylls

About the book

Young adventurer Beck Granger is invited to South Africa by an old friend of his parents' to help out on a project to prevent rhino poaching. But when he arrives all is not as it seems, and Beck is caught up in something more dangerous than anything he's ever survived before . . .

Not only are there the poachers to contend with, but somebody seems desperate to track Beck down - whatever the cost. And then there are the hundreds of wild animals . . .

Mission Survival 7: Rage of the Rhino - Jacket

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RHCP Digital
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Digital (delivered electronically)

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beck, rhino, mission, survival, rage, young, adventurer, granger, invited, south, africa, friend, parents, project, prevent, poaching, arrives, caught, dangerous, survived, poachers, contend, desperate, track, cost, hundreds, wild, animals

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