Me & My Monsters: Monster School

Rory Growler

About the book

Eddie can't believe it when he finds THREE FURRY MONSTERS living in his basement. Fiend, Haggis and Norman are the stinkiest, craziest friends he could wish for!

Eddie's school report is due and he's determined to stop his mum and dad from reading it.
Luckily, his parents are too busy teaching the monsters (who have suddenly decided to improve their minds) to notice. Will Eddie be able to intercept his school report? And can Fiend, Haggis and Norman really learn anything useful...

Me & My Monsters: Monster School - Jacket

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monsters, school, eddie, fiend, haggis, norman, report, monster, finds, furry, living, basement, stinkiest, craziest, friends, due, determined, stop, mum, dad, reading, luckily, parents, busy, teaching, suddenly, decided, improve, minds, notice, intercept, learn

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