Little Sister 9: The New Stacy

Allan Frewin Jones

About the book

Something weird is happening to Stacy's girlie gang of friends -she's feeling a little lonely. Cindy, her VERY best friend, has moved to California, Pippa's taken to hanging out with Andy Melniker and Fern is too busy helping out in her parents' store to want to socialize. Is befriending Amanda's Bimbo pals the answer? Will their plans fro Stacy's birthday include HER friends?

Little Sister 9: The New Stacy - Jacket

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Publication Date
Red Fox
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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stacy, friends, sister, weird, happening, girlie, gang, feeling, lonely, cindy, friend, moved, california, pippa, hanging, andy, melniker, fern, busy, helping, parents, store, socialize, befriending, amanda, bimbo, pals, answer, plans, fro, birthday, include

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