Little Rabbit Goes to School

Harry Horse

About the book

It's Little Rabbit's first day at school. He decides his favourite toy, Charlie Horse, wants to start school too, so they set off together. Before they've even got to school, Charlie Horse has made Little Rabbit eat his whole packed lunch and then proceeds to create mischief all day - galloping when he should be listening and jumping in the cake mix. Little Rabbit gets very upset when Charlie Horse leads him away from his new friends on a nature walk and they find themselves all alone in the wood ... But Little Rabbit's teacher and friends find them and Little Rabbit goes home happy, looking forward to his next day at school - having decided Charlie Horse isn't ready to start school and can stay at home!

Little Rabbit Goes to School - Jacket

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rabbit, school, charlie, horse, day, start, friends, find, home, decides, favourite, toy, set, made, eat, packed, lunch, proceeds, create, mischief, galloping, listening, jumping, cake, mix, upset, leads, nature, walk, wood, teacher, happy, forward, decided, isn, ready, stay

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