Lights Up

Lisette Auton

About the book

Just like her favourite person in the whole world – her grandad – Hettie’s favourite place in the whole world – the Arts Centre – has gone. And Hettie can’t quite work out how she’s supposed to feel anything like how she did before.

Many years before, Jack is feeling lonely too. But his life changes when he’s taken in by a theatre troupe and learns the secrets of the mysterious people behind the acts.
And many years before that, Araine is also struggling, with a life that doesn’t look anything like she thought it would. A meagre existence where it seems like rich people, with their evenings out at the theatre, don’t have a thing to worry about.
When you’re feeling alone it can be hard to see the light.
But though they live years apart, Hettie, Jack and Araine are connected in ways they never imagined.
A magical story full of ghosts, theatre, love, friendship and family from disabled writer, activist, spoken word artist and theatre maker Lisette Auton.

Lisette's debut, The Secret of Haven Point, was described by award-winning author Elle McNicoll as 'A charming tale . . . with my favourite kind of hero at its heart'.

Publication Date
04 July 2024


Book Type
Paperback / softback


Lights Up - Jacket

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