Let's Find Out: Camouflage

Terry Jennings

About the book

With fun photographs and fascinating facts, learn all bout animal camouflage.
What does camouflage mean? Why does a chameleon change colour?
The clear and simple sentences encourage reading skills and ensure that even reluctant readers finish the whole book.
Each  page is bursting with colourful photographs and exciting images that perfectly illustrate and reinforce the text.
The  Let's Find Out  series includes:
Bugs and Slugs: 978-1-78171-545-1
Dinosaur Explorer: 978-1-78171-546-8
Tadpole to Frog: 978-1-78171-547-5
Camouflage: 978-1-78171-548-2

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Publication Date
QED Publishing
Book Type
Trade paperback (US)

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