Lenny and Spot Puppy Tales Bind-Up

Jenny Dale

About the book

Lenny is such a lazy puppy - he'd much rather snooze in the sun than run around in the park. But when Lauren loses her birthday money, Lenny knows he must spring into action and help. Can he prove that he isn't such a dozy dog after all?

Speedy Spot can't understand why he's not allowed to join in the races at Matt's school sports day. It's not like he MEANT to trip up Mr Brown, the strict headmaster! During the skipping race no one notices a little girl is in danger - except for Spot. Suddenly the sporty pup has to run faster than ever before!

Publication Date
04 March 2005

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


Lenny and Spot Puppy Tales Bind-Up - Jacket

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