Learn to Draw Dinosaurs

Robbin Cuddy

About the book

Learn to draw all of your favorite dinosaurs step by step!
Perfect for young artists-in-training, Learn to Draw Dinosaurs offers a comprehensive drawing experience that includes step-by-step lessons, as well as full-color illustrations, fun facts, trivia, quizzes, and much more. Children will enjoy the 64 pages of drawing instruction for a variety of dinosaurs, including a triceratops, a pteranodon, and a tyrannosaurus. The book opens with a brief description of how to get started, using basic drawing tools and some sample drawing exercises to warm up. Each drawing lesson begins with a basic shape, such as a square, circle, or triangle, and progresses to a finished piece of artwork, making it easy for children to follow along. Along the way, engaging text describes interesting details and fun facts about each dinosaur. With a mix of art instruction and fun trivia, Learn to Dinosaurs is the perfect way for children to discover more about their favorite dinosaurs, in addition to developing their artistic talents.

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Walter Foster Jr
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Trade paperback (US)

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