Jumbo Stickers for Little Hands: Farm Animals

Jomike Tejido

About the book

With  Farm Animals,  sticker fans of all ages can play with large vinyl, resusable stickers of colorful, jungle animals.
Large vinyl, reusable stickers are a bonanza of playtime fun for every child. The colorful and joyful illustrations are sure to inspire imaginative play and storytelling. From cows to chickens, pigs, llamas, salmon, horses, butterflies, buffalo, and bees-what's your favorite farm animal? With 22 pages of farm scenes, there are no rules or set places for stickers to go. Cows can climb a tree, pigs can fly, and chickens can stand on their heads. It's all about the imagination and fun of playing with stickers. Jumbo stickers are perfect for learning fine motor skills, and even the youngest children who haven't yet achieved full manual dexterity can have loads of fun.

Jumbo Stickers for Little Hands: Farm Animals - Jacket

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Publication Date
Moondance Press
Book Type
Trade paperback (US)

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