Jeremiah in the Dark Woods

Janet Ahlberg

Jeremiah in the Dark Woods - Jacket

About the book

Once upon a time there were three bears, seven dwarfs, five gorillas, a frog prince, some sleeping beauties, a wolf, a dinosaur, a mad hatter, a steamboat, four firemen on a fire engine, a considerable number of giant beanstalks – and a little boy named Jeremiah Obadiah Jackenory Jones.

Jeremiah lives in the Dark Woods with his grandma, who is brave enough to fight off crocodiles with her bare hands and her handbag. But her legs aren’t so good, so when her jam tarts are stolen she sends Jeremiah into the woods to find the culprit…

Another highly entertaining story from Janet and Allan Ahlberg, which will delight both children and parents

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Paperback / softback



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