Iron Cast

Destiny Soria

About the book

It�s Boston, 1919, and the Cast Iron club is packed. On stage, hemopaths�those �afflicted� with the ability to create illusions through art�captivate their audience. Corinne and Ada have been best friends ever since infamous gangster Johnny Dervish recruited them into his circle. By night they perform for Johnny�s crowds, and by day they con Boston�s elite. When a job goes wrong and Ada is imprisoned, she realises how precarious their position is. After she escapes, two of the Cast Iron�s hires are shot and Johnny disappears. With the law closing in, Corinne and Ada are forced to hunt for answers, even as betrayal faces them at every turn.

Publication Date
11 October 2016

Amulet Books

Book Type
With printed dust jacket


Iron Cast - Jacket

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