Imagine You Were There... Walking on the Moon

Caryn Jenner Marc Pattenden

About the book

Journey back in time to learn all about the incredible Moon landing mission in Imagine You Were There... Walking on the Moon. Follow the Apollo 11 Moon landing from beginning to end by putting yourself in the shoes of the incredible people who made it happen, from scientists and astronauts, to suit makers and even those watching at home – you'll truly feel like you were there!

Blended with stunning photographs and captivating artwork, step-by-step details of events leading up to the mission are combined with eyewitness accounts and features on people who helped make the first Moon landing happen. A staggering 400,000 people, many of them working 'behind the scenes' at NASA, helped to achieve this historic milestone.

Discover the wonder of history's most iconic events in the Imagine You Were There... series, celebrating events that changed the world and the amazing people who made them happen.

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