I Don't Have Time

Audrey Thomas, Emma Grey

About the book

We live in a time of "hurry sickness". "Busy" has become a competitive sport, and it's a sport with no winners. Somewhere underneath all of this hard slog there are the things we really want to do; the things that bring us joy! And most of the time, the only thing standing between us doing we want want, is us. 

Through stories, theories, and practical exercises, I Don't Have Time explores 50 excuses we make that keep us from getting on with the things that really matter to us. These are the excuses that hold us back in our health and well-being, our careers, relationships, finances, home environments, personal development and recreation.

With humor, anecdotes, research on productivity and Emma and Audrey's proven "My 15 Minutes" approach, this is a practical guide for ditching being overwhelmed, and making progress in all the areas that matter most. It flips the notion that we need great swathes of time to get ahead with things, instead encouraging us to use the nooks and crannies in our day to achieve big things over time.

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Exisle Publishing
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Trade paperback (US)

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