How to Code: Level 1

Max Wainewright Mike Henson

About the book

Book 1 introduces the basic principles of  coding.
Learn how to give instructions and  turn instructions into code. Figure out how  to debug code, solve problems and use  algorithms.
The How to Code series introduces coding  through clear and concise information,  teamed with simple and practical tasks, from  drawing shapes, giving instructions in code,  building games and much more!
With coding having been recently introduced into the UK curriculum as a result of the 'skills gap' within the industry, there's never been a better time to learn about programming.
There are five titles in the How to Code series:
Book 1:  978-1-78493-236-7
Book 2:  978-1-78493-237-4
Book 3:  978-1-78493-238-1
Book 4:  978-1-78493-239-8
Parent and Teacher Guide:  978-1-78493-240-4

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QED Publishing
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Paperback / softback

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