High Rhulain

Brian Jacques

High Rhulain - Jacket

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The eighteenth book in the beloved, bestselling Redwall saga - soon to be a major Netflix movie!

Young Tiria Wildlough is an otter maid touched by the paw of Destiny.

Her tale is an epic adventure which takes her from Redwall Abbey, across the wild Western sea to the mysterious Green Isle - the rightful home of the Otterclans. But Green Isle has been besieged by Wildcat warlord Riggu Felis and his murderous band of catguard slave masters.

Aided by two birds and a platoon of hares, Tiria joins forces with the outlaw Leatho Shellhound and his Otterclan in her quest to become the warrior queen of Green Isle - the true High Rhulain!

Brian Jacques is one of Britain's best-loved storytellers - and Redwall is his most famous creation.

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Paperback / softback