Happy Christmas Hammy the Wonder Hamster

Poppy Harris

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Happy Christmas, Hammy the Wonder Hamster! by Poppy Harris is the perfect Christmas stocking filler. For all fans of Betty G. Birney's Humphrey books and young animal lovers everywhere, this is a funny, charming and delightfully festive read.

The world's cleverest hamster is back for a brand-new festive adventure.

Bethany is SO excited about Christmas, and especially can't wait to show her super-smart hamster, Hammy, all about snow. But what if Christmas doesn't turn out to be white after all? Hammy has a plan to give Bethany the white Christmas she's always dreamed of . . .

The second book in this gorgeous new series for readers of 7+.

Poppy Harris grew up in the north-east of England with one sister, one cat, lots of guinea pigs and a rabbit that bit everyone. She has never owned a hamster, but used to look after next door's when its owner was on holiday. By that time she had a small dog, which had to be shut in the kitchen whenever she took the hamster out of the cage - just in case! She has no pets at present but is hoping a hedgehog will move into her garden and eat the slugs.

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