Ghost Detectives: The Missing Dancer

Emily Mason

About the book

Ghost Detective: The Lost Dancer is brilliant for younger fans of the spy series The Gallagher Girls and also paranormal fiction. Girls of 9+ will love the gentle romance, school friendships and thrilling detective case to be solved. The perfect series for aspiring tweens.

Some ghosts are haunted by their past . . .

When Abi, Sarah , Hannah and Grace are visited by the ghost of a littl lost girl trying to dance one last time so that her spirit can rest, they jump at the chance to help. But this Ghost Detective case seems to be shrouded in secrets and everywhere they look, people get upset.

With clues runing out, can the Ghost Detectives solve the mystery of the missing dancer?

Emily Mason is an exciting new Irish author. Her previous book Ghost Detective: The Lost Bride was her debut novel for Puffin. Emily has been a bookworm since she was little. She is now an editor and author but has yet to see any ghosts herself...

Publication Date
07 February 2013

Penguin Random House Children's UK

Book Type
Digital (delivered electronically)


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