George's Marvellous Medicine (Colour book and CD)

Roald Dahl Quintin Blake, Quintin Blake

About the book

George Kranky's Grandma is a miserable grouch. George really hates that horrid old witchy woman.
One Saturday morning, George is in charge of giving Grandma her medicine.
So-ho! Ah-ha! Ho-hum! George knows exactly what to do.
A magic medicine* it will be. One that will either cure her completely . . . or blow off the top of her head.

*WARNING: Do not try to make George's Marvellous Medicine yourselves at home. It could be dangerous.

Read the story and listen to the phizz-whizzing audio CD!

Publication Date
23 February 2017


Book Type
Multiple-component retail product


George's Marvellous Medicine (Colour book and CD) - Jacket

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