Funny Frank

Dick King-Smith

About the book

"I've got a chicken that wants to be a duck!"

Frank is a funny chick. Unlike all his brothers and sisters, he doesn't want to peck around at anything and everything in the dust. No, Frank wants to dabble about in the lovely duckpond, splashing himself with water. Most of all, he wants to learn to SWIM. Can Jemima, the farmer's daughter, find a way to help Frank? And if Frank CAN swim like a duck, what will happen when he grows up to be a cockerel?

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Publication Date
Young Corgi
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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frank, funny, duck, swim, chicken, chick, unlike, brothers, sisters, doesn, peck, dust, dabble, lovely, duckpond, splashing, water, learn, jemima, farmer, daughter, find, happen, grows, cockerel

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