From Bad to Worse (PB)

Cynthia Voigt

From Bad to Worse (PB) - Jacket

About the book

Bad girls. Best friends. No BOY could come between Mikey and Margalo...

Mikey Elsinger isn't the romantic type. She thinks that most boys are just brainless meatheads. Girls who like brainless meatheads are too weird for words.

Margalo Epps likes to admire boys from afar. Maybe a movie star, or even (shhh, don't tell anyone) a teacher. But she is NOT interested in soppy, sad, lovey-dovey stuff. YUCK!

Enter Shawn Macavity. Tall, skinny, dark hair, marble skin, blue eyes. Twack. Cupid's arrow strikes its target. The world has changed for ever. A bad girl is in LURRRVE!!

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Macmillan Children's Books

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Paperback / softback