Five Minutes to Bed! A Ladybird Skullabones Island picture book

Richard Dungworth Sharon Harmer

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Looking for the perfect toddler bedtime books for your Completely Wide Awake, Not Tired At All little ones?

Captain Cutlass is calling for his pirates to go to bed but they are all wide awake and desperate to stay up. Well, if they aren't tired yet there are plenty of pirate jobs to do on-board their ship, The Leaky Tub! This beautiful picture book from Ladybird has fun rhyming text and humorous illustrations that will delight all pirate fans. The perfect bedtime book for your very own noisy pirates. Ahar me hearties!

Other titles in the Skullabones Island series: Yo-ho-ho (A Ladybird noisy book), A Week of Pirate Tales, All Aboard the Pirate Ship (A Ladybird Lift-the-Flap book), Pirate Playtime (A Ladybird sticker activity book), Pirate Time (A Ladybird clock book) and How to be a Skullabones Pirate (A Ladybird sticker activity book).

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