Five Minute Mum: Time For School

Daisy Upton

About the book

Ideal for early years to KS1 children who are starting or are already at Reception and KS1 primary school.

Phonics! Number sentences! Reading schemes! School uniforms! Daisy Upton has two children, and used to be a teaching assistant, so is more than familiar with the reality of being a parent.

This book is packed full of games and activities to help children feel confident and excited about learning. They -and you! - will get help with letters, numbers and everything in between.

Daisy's games only take five minutes to set up and five minutes to tidy up you can support them at home without wanting to bang your head on the kitchen table.

'I love Five Minute Mum - she's come up with games that are fun and educational' The Unmumsy Mum

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Publication Date
15 April 2021


Book Type
Paperback / softback


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