Fingerprint & Draw: Animals & Insects

Maite Balart

About the book

Kids can develop fine motor skills, strengthen muscle coordination, and improve hand-eye coordination simply by drawing with their fingerprints!
Fingerprint & Draw supports the early stages of writing and drawing in children as young as 3 years old. Each simple, step-by-step drawing exercise begins with showing kids exactly which fingers to use and how to place them on paper to create each animal shape, and then transforming the fingerprints into fun animals and insects. Animals & Insects features 30+ different cute animals, each drawn using your fingerprints. With quick factoids and a pull-out paper pad to easily draw alongside each exercise, children will be so immersed creating peacocks, cats, bees, and butterflies with their finger tips that they won't realize they are also developing their fine motor skills.

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Publication Date
Walter Foster Jr
Book Type
Trade paperback (US)

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