Eyes Of The Alien

Pete Johnson

About the book

Sam and Freddie, both fostered with the same family, are best friends. Sam even laughs at Freddie's jokes! But after Sam has an accident and knocks herself unconscious, she begins to have weird nightmares about a sinister figure with huge eyes - alien eyes. Freddie, who thinks he knows everything there is to know about extra-terrestrials, jokes that aliens must be after Sam - trying to contact her. But it's just his imagination, isn't it? Until they see the spaceship . . .

Eyes Of The Alien - Jacket

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RHCP Digital
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Digital (delivered electronically)

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sam, eyes, freddie, alien, jokes, fostered, family, friends, laughs, accident, knocks, unconscious, begins, weird, nightmares, sinister, figure, huge, thinks, extra-terrestrials, aliens, contact, imagination, isn, spaceship

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