Explorers at Pirate Island

Alex Bell Tomislav Tomic

Explorers at Pirate Island - Jacket

About the book

In their fifth thrilling adventure, the explorers journey deep into the Bubble Ocean on their quest to stop the evil Collector, but time is running out . . .

The Poison Tentacle Sea was home to the powerful Bone Current. As they had feared, it gave a sudden surge and pulled them in.

Half-mermaid Ursula Jellyfin has always longed for adventure, and this time the stakes are higher than ever. The Collector is holding a group of children prisoner on Pirate Island, and it’s up to Ursula and her friends Jai, Max and Genie to set them free. Armed with a magical mermaid trident, and with new recruit Zara the pirate fairy on board, their mission is filled with danger. The explorers must face zombie skeletons, make a daring rescue from a whirlpool and travel through a dinosaur graveyard. But even if they do make it to Pirate Island, can they fool the Collector and get in to an impenetrable fort?

Fast-paced, magical storytelling in a breathtaking underwater world. Alex Bell's inventiveness and attention to detail is a joy to read.

Praise for the series:

'A magical adventure of friendship, bravery and derring-do in a richly imagined world.' The Bookseller

'A fantastic frosty adventure.' Sunday Express

'Wintry, atmospheric, highly imaginative fantasy.' Metro

'The most huggable book of the year . . . An (iced) gem.' SFX

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Faber & Faber

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Paperback / softback



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