Every Body

Molly Forbes

About the book

We all have a body. They don't always function the same as other people's. And they certainly don't all look the same. But one thing is certain ­- every body deserves respect. This is an essential guide to embracing and respecting all bodies, for readers aged 9+.

Sometimes social media can make us feel like we're not good enough if we don't have a 'perfect' body. But the truth is, everyone feels bad about their bodies sometimes – even celebrities with millions of followers.

Author and campaigner Molly Forbes is here to show you that you - and ONLY you - get to decide how you feel about your body. And if we want to change the conversation around body image, we need to advocate for every single body - including those that look or function differently from our own.

It's time to stop criticising the way we look, and celebrate all our glorious differences!

Publication Date
20 June 2024

Penguin Random House Children's UK

Book Type
Digital (delivered electronically)


Every Body - Jacket

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