Elementals: Water

Peter Dickinson, Robin McKinley

Elementals: Water - Jacket

About the book

Six fabulous tales - vividly imagined and powerfully told.

The shriek of the wind, calling the waters to rebel - and a silver man from the sea with a voice like the roar of a seashell . . .

A long-told story of the sea people and their song - and a golden eye, glittering in a pool at the edge of a desert . . .

A ferocious serpent, its body as think as the trunk of a huge tree - and the immense, unknowable Kraken, dark beyond black, cold beyond ice, waking on the ocean floor . . .

Immerse yourself in this mesmorising collection of short stories inspired buy the element of Water - and be swept away by the supurb storytelling skills of two major award-winning authors.

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