Draw With Marta Altés: You Are an Artist!

Marta Altés

Draw With Marta Altés: You Are an Artist! - Jacket

About the book

If you like drawing, colouring and hundreds of stickers, then this book is for you!

Based on the bestselling picture book, I Am An Artist!, this unique sticker activity book is your chance to get creative and make art with the award-winning illustrator Marta Altés. Draw With Marta Altés: You Are an Artist! is a truly exciting sticker activity book, which shows you that anyone can be an artist – it's easy – and what's more, it's a lot of fun! Packed with colourful, smart and silly ideas, plus hundreds of stickers, all designed to get you making art and making a mess.

The perfect gift for aspiring artists, this book is part of a fun sticker activity book series where you get to draw, write, colour and create with your favourite artists from the world of children's books.

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Macmillan Children's Books

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Paperback / softback



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