Dr Hedgehog - The Tree Rescue

Jerry Mushin

About the book

Martin Mouse always finds himself in awkward situations but Dr Hedgehog, usually with the help of other animals, is always able to assist. Children will recognise their mothers in Mavis Mouse, who worries about her son and is always greatly relieved when he arrives home safely. In this story, Martin Mouse climbs a tree to pick some leaves for his teacher, and he cannot get down. How does Henry Horse help Dr Hedgehog to get him down?

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Publication Date
Sweet Cherry Publishing
Book Type
Mass market (rack) paperback

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hedgehog, mouse, tree, martin, rescue, finds, awkward, situations, animals, assist, children, recognise, mothers, mavis, worries, son, greatly, relieved, arrives, home, safely, story, climbs, pick, leaves, teacher, henry, horse

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