Dick and Dom's Big Fat and Very Silly Joke Book

Richard McCourt, Dominic Wood

About the book

Dick and Dom are pan-generational household names who have been delighting television audiences for well over a decade. Dick and Dom's Big Fat and Very Silly Joke Book is a hilarious mishmash of Dick and Dom's very own bonkers yet brilliant breed of humour.
Feast your eyes on over five hundred brilliant gags, japes, jokes and puns; be amazed at Dick and Dom's Titbits, a selection of fascinating yet fact-free facts; settle in to Dick and Dom's Poetry Corner for some slightly naughty but very silly poems, and never be bored again with Dick and Dom's brilliantly baffling Boredom Busters.
Most importantly of all, laugh until you do a Vom Goblin.* (*A burp with a small surprise serving of sick. See their first book, Dick and Dom's Slightly Naughty but Very Silly Words, for more details!) With hilarious illustrations on every page, you're bound to find something to tickle your funny-bone!
Who is old, wise and green all over?
Bogey-Wan Kenobi

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