Deep Fear

Debi Gliori

About the book

An epic tale of a final battle between good and evil. The Strega-Borgias are in deep fear for their lives!

The forces of evil are converging on StregaSchloss - demons, the Mafia, a changeling with a nasty bite - and the wild and weird Strega-Borgias must gather together their allies to fight back. But there are just a few too many distractions, with Damp the toddler-witch missing in action and a house full of wolves and bickering teenagers getting in the way. Can the family keep it together - even when they're scattered over time and place?

A deliciously inventive and hilarious finale to the Pure Dead . . . series

Deep Fear - Jacket

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Publication Date
Corgi Childrens
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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