Cut & Colour Playbook Cities

Clea Dieudonne

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Grab your scissors and some pencils or crayons and get ready to make some beautiful cityscapes with Cut & Colour Playbook: Cities! Featuring four different cities, children combine drawing, colouring, and scissor skills to create their scenes. First, colour in line illustration and add your own details. Then, on the reverse of the page, follow the cut lines to snip away parts of the page. By the end of the process, you will have built up your very own city scene by layering up the pages.

At the end of the book, an additional section gives children the chance to create their own layered diorama, whether a city scene or beyond. An original twist on the colouring book format, Cut and Colour Playbook: Cities encourages children to develop arts and crafts skills, and to think through a multi-layered project in a fun and creative way. 

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Ivy Press

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Trade paperback (US)



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