Crazy, Zany Cartoon Characters Drawing Book & Kit

Dave Garbot

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A young artist's all-inclusive guide to drawing cartoon animals, characters, faces, and expressions.
Children will love learning about cartooning with this all-inclusive kit, which features interactive cartooning lessons and art supplies in an easily portable format for on-the-go fun and creativity. The secure magnetic closure houses all of the necessary tools and materials so that children can express their creativity wherever they are. This fun, colorful kit includes a 40-page drawing book, loose-leaf drawing paper, a drawing pencil and sharpener, an eraser, colored pencils, markers, and stickers. Featuring a variety of subjects, including quirky people and whimsical animals, as well as fantasy creatures, robots, and space aliens, Crazy, Zany Cartoon Characters Kit provides young artists with the essential concepts for drawing in true cartooning style. Each project starts with a simple shape, such as a circle or square, and then builds upon the previous steps, progressing to a finished full-color cartoon character. Along the way, tips and tricks from a professional illustrator are included to guide children in their artistic efforts, making this cartooning kit an experience that is sure to make drawing a new favorite pastime.

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Walter Foster Jr
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