Cows In Action 7: The Pirate Mootiny

Steve Cole

About the book

Genius cow Professor McMoo and his trusty sidekicks, Pat and Bo, are star agents of the C.I.A. - short for COWS IN ACTION! They travel through time, fighting evil bulls from the future and keeping history on the right track . . .

In 1978, robotic danger HAUNTS the seven seas . . . Posing as a pirate, a TER-MOO-NATOR is capturing ships in the Caribbean. But why? And what terrible treasure is he hiding on SPOOKY Udderdoom Island? McMoo, Pat, and Bo set sail on a big, BUCCANEERING adventure to find answers before pirate BULLS takes over the world . . .

It's time for action. COWS IN ACTION.

Perfect for children ready to start reading chapter books by themselves.

Cows In Action 7: The Pirate Mootiny - Jacket

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Publication Date
Red Fox
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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