Come Into This Poem

Tony Mitton Caroline Holden

About the book

I saw the ghost horse through the trees

on a late midsummer night.

It cropped the grass in a forest glade

by a full moon's milky light.

What is the mysterious ghost horse doing in the woods? Who is the spy who wrote with the blood of a poisonous toad? Then discover the Cold Comfort Pets - including the pet germ, and the Itchy Titchy Pet - a frisky flea, or make the biggest sandwich you could ever imagine.

From spooky legends to dreamy poems, teasers and laugh-out-loud rhymes, expect the unexpected from Tony Mitton. This collection is a poetry adventure waiting to happen. . .

Publication Date
04 August 2011

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Book Type
Trade paperback (US)


Come Into This Poem - Jacket

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