Color and Draw Bear in Underwear Activity Kit

Todd H. Doodler

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What's Bear to do? There are seven days in a week, and Bear has seven different pair of underwear! Should he wear the red ones, the green, or the blue? How about the polka-dotted pair? Whatever pair Bear chooses, red or blue or white, one thing is certain: wearing underwear is DYN-O-MITE! Bear is the perfect pal for encouraging boys and girls to ditch their diapers and wear underwear. And with Bear's help, they also learn colors and the days of the week. With the Color and Draw Bear in Underwear interactive kit, children can color Bear's underwear as he wears them each day of the week. An activity book and a set of large, easy-to-use crayons are packed into one convenient boxed carry-along case with smooth, plastic handle— a unique set perfect for tiny hands.

Color and Draw Bear in Underwear Activity Kit - Jacket

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Walter Foster Jr
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