Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush

Cathy Cassidy

About the book

Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush is the first of five in this addictive series by Cathy Cassidy.

Cherry Costello's life is about to change forever.

She and Dad are moving to Somerset where a new mum and a bunch of brand-new sisters await. And on Cherry's first day there she meets Shay Fletcher - the kind of boy who should carry a government health warning. But Shay already has a girlfriend, Cherry's new stepsister, Honey. Cherry knows her friendship with Shay is dangerous - it could destroy everything. But that doesn't mean she's going to stay away from him...

The Chocolate Box Girls

Cherry: Dark almond eyes, skin the colour of milky coffee, wild imagination feisty, fun...
Skye: Wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, smiley, individual, kind...
Summer: Slim, graceful, pretty, loves to dance, determined, a girl with big dreams...
Honey: Willowy, blonde, beautiful, arty and out of control, a rebel...
Coco: Blue eyes, fair hair, freckles, a tomboy who loves animals and wants to change the world...

Each sister has a different story to tell, which will be your favourite?

'All the teenage humours of romance, jealousy, friendship and sorrow rage freely in this brilliantly observed story of contemporary life.' - Julia Eccleshare,

***Includes delicious recipes, character quizzes and more!***

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Chocolate Box Girls: Cherry Crush - Jacket

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