Charm School

Anne Fine

About the book

'I am NOT going to Charm School . . . '

But Bonny has no choice. Forced to spend a day at Charm School while her mother is on a course, Bonny makes some surprising and hilarious discoveries. Can Bonny cope with listening to Mrs Opalene's Helpful Handy Hits (like 'how to bleach your elbows'!)? And what about the other girls - the awful, self-obsessed little princesses who really want to win the 'Glistering Tiara' and are prepared to do almost anything to get it? After Bonny's day there, Charm School will never be the same again . . .

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charm, school, bonny, day, choice, forced, spend, mother, makes, surprising, hilarious, discoveries, cope, listening, mrs, opalene, helpful, handy, hits, bleach, elbows, girls, awful, self-obsessed, princesses, win, glistering, tiara, prepared

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