Charlie Chick Learns To Fly

Nick Denchfield Ant Parker

About the book

Charlie Chick is a little chick with a big attitude. Today he is determined to learn how to fly. He's trying very hard. He jumps, he flaps and he leaps . . . but will he make it? Eye-catching pops, bright illustrations and a surprise fold-out ending bring this funny book to life.

With paper engineering by Nick Denchfield and illustrations by Ant Parker, Charlie Chick Learns to Fly is the perfect book for teaching little people about trying hard – and having a giggle about it too!

Discover more of Charlie Chick's adventures: Charlie Chick,Charlie Chick Finds an Egg, Charlie Chick Wants to Play.

Publication Date
30 June 2016

Campbell Books

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Charlie Chick Learns To Fly - Jacket

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