Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race

Sue Mongredien Kate Pankhurst

About the book

Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race is a laugh-out-loud piratical adventure from Sue Mongredien, illustrated by Kate Pankhurst, creator of the bestselling Great Women who Changed the World.

Patch is a ship's cat who lives aboard the Golden Earring. Along with her friends Cutlass the parrot and Monty the monkey, Patch frequently gets her pirate crew out of trouble – although they never realize quite how much she does to save their skins . . .

In their second swashbuckling adventure, the pirate crew enter the Great Pirate Race; the most famous sailing competition in the high-seas. But when the crew decide to take a short-cut through the Sea of Really Really Bad Things, it's up to Patch to get them out of trouble – will she be able to save them from the scary, gigantic and, worst of all, really hungry sea-monster?

Enjoy more adventures on the high seas with the first in the Captain Cat series, Captain Cat and the Treasure Map.

Captain Cat and the Great Pirate Race - Jacket

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Publication Date
Macmillan Children's Books
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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