Brother Dusty Feet

Rosemary Sutcliff

About the book

Along with his faithful dog Argos, eleven-year-old Hugh Copplestone decides to leave his Aunt and Uncle's house after one beating too many, and heads for Oxford to seek his fortune.

When he meets a group of strolling players along the way, Hugh joins them, becoming part of their acting troupe. A new life meeting jugglers, puppet players, quack doctors and ballard singers starts for Hugh as the Players travel the country, and, as one of the Dusty-Feet, Hugh also experiences the freedom and fellowship of life on the road.

Brother Dusty Feet - Jacket

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RHCP Digital
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hugh, players, life, brother, dusty, feet, faithful, dog, argos, eleven-year-old, copplestone, decides, leave, aunt, uncle, house, beating, heads, oxford, seek, fortune, meets, group, strolling, joins, part, acting, troupe, meeting, jugglers, puppet, quack, doctors, ballard, singers, starts, travel, country, dusty-feet, experiences, freedom, fellowship, road

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