Bridle The Wind

Joan Aiken

About the book

Packed-off to boarding school and bullied by his peers, Felix feels sad and trapped. Although he has a home in England, his heart lies in Spain - so he runs away. But Felix's journey is cut short when his ship is caught in a storm off the French coast. Despite being shipwrecked and then held prisoner in a remote monastery, Felix's spirit is far from broken - and he needs all the strength he can muster to battle against the demonic Abbot Vespasian and his evil powers . . .

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Publication Date
Red Fox
Book Type
Paperback / softback

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felix, bridle, wind, packed-off, boarding, school, bullied, peers, feels, sad, trapped, home, england, heart, lies, spain, runs, journey, cut, short, ship, caught, storm, french, coast, shipwrecked, held, prisoner, remote, monastery, spirit, broken, strength, muster, battle, demonic, abbot, vespasian, evil, powers

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