Blood Red Horse

K. M. Grant

Blood Red Horse - Jacket

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Will longs to be a knight, like his older brother Gavin. Then he could ride a charger, fight bravely in the Crusades for King Richard, and win the heart of a fair maiden. All he needs is a horse. And when he chooses one, he chooses well - a small chestnut stallion with a blaze on its forehead. There's something different about Hosanna - but Will doesn't know how important Hosanna will be to him, to his family, even to Saladin.

In the Holy Land, Will learns that being a knight is bloody, brutal and often terrifying. His father is killed, his brother desperately injured, and Will finds himself closer to his enemy than he ever expected - but his small chestnut horse teaches him what it really means to be brave, to be noble, and to be fair.

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