Big Ideas for Little Philosophers: Happiness with Aristotle

Duane Armitage, Maureen McQuerry Robin Rosenthal

About the book

Answering life's big questions for little children, this board book explains Aristotle's beliefs about happiness and friendship in a simple, accessible way.

Even little children can become philosophers by asking big questions about the world around them. Aristotle believed that the best way to live a happy life was to fill it with true friends. In Happiness with Aristotle, this idea is explained for the youngest thinkers, from helping your friends to be good people to learning to love yourself as well as others. This book will inspire little ones to have exciting thoughts and conversations about these big ideas.

'A philosopher is a person who loves wisdom.
Wisdom means knowing things that help you live better and be happy.'

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Big Ideas for Little Philosophers: Happiness with Aristotle - Jacket

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