Belly Flop (PB)

Morris Gleitzman

About the book

G'day Doug. If you've got a sec, I'll explain what I'm doing up here on the roof.

Last night I decided to get some diving practice in. Trouble is, it's really hard doing a double somersault off the top of a wardrobe onto a bed. So I've decided to use our roof. That's why all the mattresses and pillows and cushions are piled up down there on the ground.

Mitch believes there's only one way to stop everyone in town hating him. Become a champion diver. It's a risky plan, but Mitch also believes in a guardian angel called Doug. He hopes Doug is listening....

Publication Date
07 September 2001

Macmillan Children's Books

Book Type
Paperback / softback


Belly Flop (PB) - Jacket

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