Atticus Claw Learns to Draw

Jennifer Gray Mark Ecob

About the book

Atticus Claw Leans to Draw by Jennifer Gray is the latest in this popular series about master-criminal turned police-cat, Atticus Claw.

Famous works of art are going missing. Atticus is on the case. The prime suspect is Ricardo Butteredsconi - Italian theme park entrepreneur and art connoisseur.

Then Inspector Cheddar goes missing from the Tate Modern, and Atticus and his friends suspect Butteredsconi and his evil pet pig.

In the scariest adventure of his nine lives, Atticus has to act fast if he wants to stop Inspector Cheddar becoming a waxwork!

‘Should be a hit for anyone who is, or has been, ten years old.’ The Bookbag

‘Worth it for the delightfully feline puns alone.’ Herald

‘As many ups and downs, triumphs and disasters, thrills and spills as ever.’ Carousel

‘Atticus Claw is a masterpiece!’ Sam, age 12

‘Very funny and interesting.’ Aram age 9

‘Atticus is naughty and really cool!’ Lucas, age 7

‘Atticus Claw is fantastic.’ Charlotte, age 8

Publication Date
06 November 2014

Faber & Faber

Book Type
Paperback / softback


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