Apley Towers - Bringing Out the Best

Myra King Subrata Mahajan

About the book

In the shade of the Giant’s Throne Mountain, and on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Port St. Christopher is home to Apley Towers; a riding school for girls and boys, young or old, who learn what it means to be a true horse rider. Love is in the air at Apley Towers, and the kodas each have to confront their feelings. Trixie thought she wanted Russell to leave her alone, so why is she so upset when he finally does? Meanwhile, after his recent romantic gesture to Kaela, Bart seems to have vanished off the face of the earth, and Angela is brought face to face with her idol thanks to a magazine interview. What do you do when reality fails to live up to expectation? With each other’s support the kodas can work it out!

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Sweet Cherry Publishing
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B-format paperback

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